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Family law is not only complex, but extremely emotionally-charged. In our point of view through our vast experience, having some knowledge of the road ahead can significantly assist. Our Brisbane Lawyers will help you navigate the best path for your issues.


We embrace community contribution, involvement and corporate social responsibility as main part of our sustainability law practices. Our firm confidently encourage our people to take part or contribute in the activities that represent and reflects the organisation’s core values of commitment, honesty, availability and our great teamwork.


We have the name in the laws service providing firms and our long and successful history reflects an ongoing commitment to the involvement of community and we are proud of ourselves of contribution we make to the communities as well as partnerships of community we have formed in multiple centres across the country.


We have the wide approach to community involvement and it includes:


  • Involvement with multiple business groups at committee and board levels.
  • Sponsorship of local charity, and industry events
  • Volunteer creativities such as honorary solicitors for industry, sporting, charity and community groups.
  • Pro bono legal services on the issues that promote the public interests.
  • Donations to charitable entities and some other organisations community.
  • Submissions on law reform in a wide range of sectors such as making plan, environment, insurance etc.


Through our best family lawyers Brisbane, we have long history in the state and we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to the regional and remote communities across the country. Throughout each year, we deliver and participate in various events and initiatives that are find out by our team members.


Our Brisbane Lawyers Are fully aware about the complexity in the issues of family laws. This is challenging task for the lawyers to deal these issues. They offer quality legal advice to the clients and this useful advice can provide a chance of success for the clients, as well as help to prepare all essential documents to guide and support client’s claim.


Another significant issue related to family law is family violence, at present this problem is increasing in the state. The number of family violence allegations specifically during the case of the parenting is steadily increasing, that can be seen easily in the court of the state annual report. Our Brisbane lawyers assist and help the clients who are facing the issue of family violence, as we are the leading firm who provide the services related to these cases, so we help the clients in a proper way. We know that family violence is important factor to consider in the case of parenting issue, when both parties are applying to the court for their family issue and ready to face parenting orders.


Our Brisbane lawyers knew that this is a complicated topic or issue, as family violence allegations may be created at any country during a parenting case. In the family law act there are relevant factors of legislation are present which cover all the issues of family violence allegations during parentings cases.

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