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Learning Chinese with a tutor is Easy Now

Another way to learn Chinese is to practice with a tutor from best Chinese language school. Chinese language tutors can be found in different online websites also.

How to choose a Chinese tutor?

First, pay attention to the formation of a tutor. Now you can meet many proposals from tutors who are still studying at the 2-3-4 year of the university. Prices are, as a rule, lower than those of professional teachers, but do not forget that they are students themselves. Experts do not claim that among them there are no talented guys who after a year in China on an internship can quite cope with the teaching of the Chinese language, especially from scratch. Simply, they advise very seriously to take a choice of such a tutor.


Ask where he / she studies, in which course, how long have the Chinese language learned (maybe before that he / she lived in China at the embassy or went to school with the study of Chinese).

Internship in China

Find out from a potential tutor what kind of internship in China he / she spent / la. Conducted in China 6-12 month is much better than 2 weeks – 1 month. In addition, find out exactly where the internship was. It was a private language school or university education (the latter is more preferable).

Current employment

Check with the tutor if he / she is still working somewhere else. If he / she teach at courses, find out on which.


Find out how long he / she teaches Chinese and take a couple of student contacts. Call them and ask how the classes are going, whether they are satisfied with the result, which they managed to achieve in a certain time.

Some of the above tips are not only suitable for choosing a Chinese language tutor, but also when choosing professional tutors. Such tutors usually still teach at universities, at Chinese courses. They have their own teaching methods, their own teaching materials. It is very good if the teaching is conducted not only on the common textbooks, but also with the help of Chinese textbooks, audio and video materials, and additional literature.

Many people ask who it is better to choose – the carrier of the Chinese language or the Singaporean teacher. If you learn Chinese from scratch, a Chinese / Chinese woman simply cannot explain everything to you. Basically, the native speakers of the Chinese language are the same students who came to study. There are a lot of proposals from them. If you are lucky and you were able to find such accept your own congratulations.

The purpose of communication with carriers is in communication. You will just have to communicate on a variety of topics, learn different interesting conversation phrases.

The choice of the form of employment – individually or in groups

Often, Chinese tutors conduct classes with a group of people, usually from 2-3 people to 5. In this case, the cost of the lesson is reduced quite strongly, but the effect of this lesson also decreases. On the other hand, you can immediately get to know the same people as you (pupils are selected at the same level). Perhaps the spirit of competition will push you to a more active study, when you will see that someone gets to speak / write better than you. That is, there are pluses and minuses here. You decide.


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