Children matter – Choosing sensitive family solicitors for divorce where children are involved

Family legal matters tend to get more sensitive when children are involved. Couples going through divorce or separation still need to maintain their relationship with their children. If you have decided to hire a solicitor to help with your divorce, it is important to hire someone who is a good fit for your situation.

Finding a solicitor who is a suitable candidate can be challenging. Divorce is a sensitive issue and therefore needs an ethical lawyer with specialist knowledge in family law to represent you. There is no point appointing someone who doesn’t have a strong knowledge in law and doesn’t care much about your personal needs.

Divorce can be a highly traumatic experience for kids, but according to research, most children adjust well within four years following the divorce. However, there are some children that experience emotional problems when their parents break up. This is especially the case when there is ongoing conflict between the parents. Perhaps the only way to protect your children from developing psychological and social issues is to keep conflict away from them.

It would be helpful for parents to sit down with their children and talk openly about their plans. Always keep the line of communication open as your children will appreciate honest conversations about the changes that are occurring in your family. Sudden change can be very hard on kids. If you or your spouse are going to move out of the family home, give your kids a few weeks’ notice in order to get them used to the idea. It is best to minimise changes in the weeks following a divorce.

Children tend to cope better when they keep close contact with both parents. Those who have a poor relationship with their mother or father may have a harder time dealing with family breakups.

When going through a divorce, the entire family can benefit from speaking with a therapist to help them deal with their emotions. Going through mediation with your spouse can help you think carefully about what went wrong in your marriage and whether there is any chance of reconciliation. If you cannot find a common ground, your last resort is to find a specialist family solicitor who is experienced in dealing with child custody and divorce.

To hire the best solicitor, request to see a copy of the retainer agreement as you may end up paying the lawyer a lot of money so make sure you know what you’re signing. Ask about the solicitor’s contingent fee agreements in divorce and custody orders. As long as you trust your instincts and use your common sense in evaluating the list of lawyers in your area, you will be able to find the most suitable legal representative. After all, you want to pick the best solicitor who is sympathetic and sensitive to your case.

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