If You Want To Immigrate To Canada, Read This

Canada is one of the best countries to live in. It is a peace loving country and it is one of the developed nations in the world. It has a strong multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population. The country boasts a very strong democracy whose values are engrained in all the aspects of the day to day life in Canada. It is a wonderful country to live in when it comes to the opportunities of work and progress. However, there are certain basic rules that a person has to adhere to in order to enter this great nation. These rules are necessary to safeguard the Canadian way of society and to ensure that the fundamental character of the nation remains the same. Firstly, you should have a peaceful intention while entering the country. You should not harbor any ill will or hatred towards the people. Secondly you should have a clean history. You should not be an offender who is running away from a sentence or prosecution. These are some of the basic requirements and the details of the immigration laws are intricate and needs an elaborate examination.

Offences That You Should Have Not Committed To Enter Canada


Although it is highly expected of an immigrant to have a clean legal history, certain small mischiefs or minor crimes that were committed in the native country of the individual can be accepted and looked over. There are a number of crimes in the list like underage drinking, possession of minor drugs and driving without insurance which you can find in http://www.publicbusinesslaw.org/business-law/tips-on-how-to-succesfully-apply-for-canadian-criminal-rehabilitation.html.

However an immigrant should not have caused public unrest or have disturbed the public peace. Even public drunkenness which is considered as a very minor incident in many Asian countries is not allowed as per the Canadian immigration law. Driving under the influence is a major crime and is not accepted. Moreover one should not have been a part of or committed any white collar crimes. In order to know more about the various offences that will reject your application for permanent residence, visit the site about criminally inadmissible canada. An immigration lawyer will help you to get your permanent residence in this great country of Canada by explaining the legal provisions to you and by representing you in front of the council.

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